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Chung-Hae Park

Matériaux composites, Chung-Hae Park, Mines Douai

IMT Lille Douai | Polymer, CompositeMaterials, BiobasedMaterials, NumericalSimulation, AdvancedManufacturing


Biomass: green gold at our fingertips


In the race towards renewable resources, biomass could well have an important role to play. Biomass includes organic matter derived from living organisms, particularly plants, which have more to offer than you might think. Patrick Navard is a researcher in materials at Mines ParisTech. Following his presentation at the “Materials: …


Jérémie Soulestin

Jeremie Soulestin

IMT Lille Douai | #Polymer #PlasticsProcesses #BiobasedMaterials #Nanocomposite #3DPrinting #AdditiveManufacturing


Esma Ismailova

Mines Saint-Étienne | Bioelectronics, Conducting polymers, Smart textiles, Electrophysiological sensors


Additive manufacturing, a process for the industry of the future

As a major component of the Industry of the Future project, additive manufacturing — or 3D printing — is leading to ever-increasing research on materials. Researchers at Mines Douai seized on the opportunity to explore this line of research a little over two years ago. Today, the many requests the …


Patricia Krawczak

Patricia krawczak

IMT Lille Douai | #Polymers #CompositeMaterials #PlasticsProcessing #BiobasedMaterials #Recycling #AdvancedManufacturing


When biology meets electronics

Since starting at Mines Saint-Etienne in 2009, researcher Róisín Owens has created unusual devices: cell cultures coupled with electronic monitoring, able to give a real-time measurement of the state of health and reactions of cells when confronted with a certain type of medicine or pathogen. Particularly promising results in this …